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HealthInfoNet is Maine’s health information exchange, a secure statewide computer system for doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to share important health information and improve patient care.

What is HealthInfoNet?

  • HealthInfoNet is a secure computer system used by doctors, hospitals and other providers to share information in order to provide you with better and safer care.
  • The system brings your key medical information together into one electronic health record.
  • Providers already share your health records through fax, email, and mail. HealthInfoNet makes it easier, faster, and more secure.

What information is in my HealthInfoNet record? 

  • Your HealthInfoNet record includes information about your health, prescription medicines, allergies, test results, x-rays, and reports.
  • It includes your name, birth date, address, sex, phone number, and social security number (if you have one) to make sure your information is in the correct record.
  • Certain mental health and HIV/AIDS information is only included if you say it’s okay or if you are in a medical emergency. To learn more go to the Your Choices page or call 866-592-4352.

What are the benefits of having a HealthInfoNet record? 

  • HealthInfoNet helps your healthcare providers work together to make informed decisions about your care, especially in an emergency.
  • Other benefits may include better quality care, fewer mistakes, fewer repeat tests, less paperwork, lower costs, and better health outcomes.

What if I don’t want a HealthInfoNet record?

  • If you do not want a HealthInfoNet record you may “opt out”, or decide not to share your health information through HealthInfoNet. HealthInfoNet will remove your health information from the system and keep only certain demographic information like name and birth date, to make sure no health information is added. To opt-out, ask your healthcare provider for an “Opt-out form”. You can also complete the form online or call 866-592-4352 to opt out by phone or mail.
  • If you decide later that you want a HealthInfoNet record, all you need to do is fill out an “Opt-in form”. Your HealthInfoNet record will only include information from medical visits that happen after you opt back in. To opt back in, complete the form online or call 866-592-4352.

Are my records private and secure?

  • HealthInfoNet takes every action to keep your records private and secure. For detailed information, visit our Privacy and Security Page.
  • Information is encrypted and sent over private and secure computer connections.
  • Information that identifies you won’t be sold or added to any mailing lists.
  • Only those involved in your health care can look at your record.
  • To request a report of who viewed your record and when, fill out the online audit request form or call 866-592-4352.
  • Of course, no electronic system is completely secure. If you feel the risk outweighs the benefit, you may opt-out.

Download our brochure handout to learn more about HealthInfoNet and the health information exchange.
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