Your Choices

Your participation with HealthInfoNet is voluntary, meaning its up to you to participate or not. Your decision will not impact your ability to receive medical care, even if you opt-out.

Each time you visit a new participating medical provider, they are required to let you know they participate and offer you information about HealthInfoNet. This is often included with your provider’s HIPAA privacy notice.

You have the following choices for sharing your information with providers using HealthInfoNet. The choices are also available on a printable flyer.

Choice: I want to share my information.
You don’t need to do anything. Your general medical information will be available to all your participating providers. Some medical information related to HIV and mental health services will only be available in an emergency or if you tell your provider it’s ok during your visit.

Choice: I want to share all my medical information, including information related to HIV and mental health care.
You will need to fill out a the Mental Health Opt-In form available from your participating provider or HealthInfoNet. Once we receive this form, your HIV and/or mental health will be available to all your providers using HealthInfoNet. Please note: this form must be handed in to your participating provider or in person at HealthInfoNet’s offices. If you are unable to do this, you may have the form notarized and mailed to us.

Choice: I want to share my mental health information, HIV information or both, with an individual provider only.
During your visit, tell your participating provider it’s ok to look at your mental health, HIV/AIDS information or both. It will be available for that one time only. You will need to give permission at each visit.

Choice: I don’t want to share any of my medical information through HealthInfoNet.
Download and fill out an opt-out form, or receive one from your participating provider’s office. If you prefer, you can print and mail the form to HealthInfoNet as well.

Choice: I opted out and now want to have my information included again.
Call HealthInfoNet, or fill out the opt-in form.

Choice: I am a Veteran and want to opt-in to the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Program so that my non-VA providers can see my VA medical information
Visit the VLER website to sign-up/renew the authorization. If you are a Veteran enrolled and receiving care at a VA medical center, you can “Connect Your Docs” through the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE), also known as the VLER Program. This program gives VA and participating community care providers secure access to certain parts of your electronic health record. This access reduces the need for Veterans and their families to request and carry paper medical records from one health care provider to another. It also provides other potential benefits to Veterans and their providers.