More and more provider organizations are employing care managers to coordinate care for chronically ill patients such as those with diabetes, cancer, heart failure or mental illness. These patients are cared for by multiple providers with their medical information scattered in many different electronic systems. Luckily HealthInfoNet brings all this information together and offers notifications for time sensitive events like emergency room visits, critical lab results or hospital discharges.

When notified of these events in real-time, care managers and others following a patient’s care can intervene early to ensure the patient gets the right care and timely follow up. This is especially important for provider organizations participating in Accountable Care Organizations or other risk based payment arrangements.

Avoid missing a critical patient care event, by signing up for notifications. This can be done from within the clinical portal for all users. You must have a valid email account associated with your account.

See our flyer on how to get started with notifications.

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