Building a Robust HIE Resource: An Overview of HealthInfoNet’s Connections & Processes [UPCOMING]

Date/Time: May 27, 2020; 12-1PM ET

Presenter: Chad MacLeod, Manager of Product & Communication

Intended Audience: HealthInfoNet Ambassadors, Clients, and Data Users

Description: HealthInfoNet operates Maine’s statewide health information exchange (HIE), a secure and standardized electronic system where healthcare providers can share important patient information for care coordination and treatment purposes. This expert series webinar will provide an understanding of the underlying connections, processes, technologies, and services that enable HealthInfoNet to assist our clients and their end users in making the most of their data and applications. The webinar will provide an overview of HealthInfoNet’s connections to provider locations across the state, the types of data that we collect, and the technical value-add services responsible for processing, validating, standardizing, and optimizing our data sources to create a powerful HIE resource.

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