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HealthInfoNet Releases Recommendations for Substance Use Disorder Data Integration

HealthInfoNet is proud to release its “Substance Use Disorder Information Exchange Strategic Plan” with the goal of advancing data-informed integrated care workflows for persons with substance use disorders. The report was developed in partnership with community stakeholders and with support from the Maine Health Access Foundation and The Betterment Fund. In February 2019, HealthInfoNet initiated a 12-month statewide planning project to convene key

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Maine EMS Bi-Directional Connection Goes Live

HealthInfoNet recently completed establishing bi-directional connectivity with Maine Emergency Medical Services (EMS), a bureau within the Department of Public Safety that contracts with EMS agencies in each of the state’s six defined EMS regions to provide medical direction and system operations. The bureau coordinates and oversees more than 270 independent EMS agencies statewide.  As of March 31, 2020, HealthInfoNet’s Clinical Portal contains patient health information recorded by each of Maine EMS’s contracted regional agencies. On a per patient basis, run reports (the EMS version

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Staff Spotlight: Heather Nugent, Client Services Analyst

Heather Nugent joins HealthInfoNet’s Customer Care team with a passion for healthcare customer service and quality improvement. Most recently, she worked as a Federal Benefits Advocate for Patient Matters, a company contracted through Central Maine Medical Center to assist patients in understanding and receiving the appropriate programs to help them and their families meet their healthcare needs. At HealthInfoNet, Heather serves as a

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