HealthInfoNet employs the most cutting-edge technologies, innovative software, and expert support services to help our clients and their end users make the most of their data and applications.

HealthInfoNet manages the statewide health information exchange (HIE) in Maine, a system designed to link an individual’s clinical information from unaffiliated healthcare sites to create a single electronic health record. Over the years, our team has connected hundreds of facilities across the state and delivered to them robust data sets through a powerful suite of software and services carefully designed to help our clients and their end users be confident in their operational workflows and decision-making abilities.

To create effective data sets with many use cases, value-add services are applied, including attribution algorithms, flag assignments, enterprise master indices, terminology services, linkage procedures, and more.

We automate the delivery of real-time alert notifications to the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) in support of hospitals’ public health reporting needs.

As clinical data is shared with HealthInfoNet, it is made available in real time to participating healthcare providers through our Clinical Portal user interface, accessible in a variety of mechanisms to meet varying needs.

The ability to translate and distill diverse datasets is critical to effective downstream use of HIE data. We make that happen through robust applications of performance measurement and predictive risk modeling.

Why Maine providers are using HealthInfoNet

Improved efficiency: Automated sharing of data results in quicker access to clinical information at the point of care.

Informed decision making: More complete and up-to-date patient medical records allow for effective decision-making. 

Healthier patients: Fewer medical errors due to the availability of comprehensive information leads to improved patient safety, continuity of care, and better outcomes.

“Our providers always want a summary of our patients’ most recent primary care visit and lab tests. Since our patients are coming from everywhere — from as far north as Caribou to as far south as Portland — it’s invaluable to be able to use the HIE to pull information about their care no matter where they received it.”

— Breanna Graham, Health Information Associate, Northeast Cardiology Associates (Bangor)

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