Analytics & Reporting

HealthInfoNet's analytics and reporting platform uses real-time clinical data from across the care continuum to help providers drive quality and cost improvements, manage risk and population health, and inform operational decision making.

What information is included...
  • Hospital Performance: Compare actual-to-target performance for key performance indicators (KPIs) using case-mix and severity-adjusted targets
  • Volume and Market Share: Track and trend volumes and market share by service area, disease, payer, and patient demo¬≠graphics
  • Population Risk: Identify populations and individuals most at risk for future high costs, inpatient admissions, and emergency room visits
  • 30-Day Readmission Risk: Identify inpatient encounters most at risk for 30-day readmissions
  • Variation Management: Understand resource variation by disease and cost category (length of stay, laboratory, etc.)
  • Better target care for patients with chronic disease to prevent complications and hospitalizations
  • Identify patients most at risk for future utilization and help them avoid unnecessary emergency department and hospital visits, tests, and procedures
  • Identify quality measure gaps to put performance improvement plans in place quicker
  • Determine if your organization is hitting market-share targets for key service lines; volume improvements in areas below target can generate more revenue and decrease cost per unit
  • Better identify areas that are not hitting key performance measures
  • Prevent unnecessary visits for high-cost and repeat services. This can lead to lower out-of-pocket costs for patients and avoidance of penalties for readmissions and repeat tests and procedures
  • Identify and reduce higher-than-expected hospital lengths of stay

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