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Behavioral Health Care

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Behavioral Health Care

Because behavioral health care has historically been separated from general medical services, many EHR systems have evolved without the capacity to integrate the two information sources. Without a shared health record, clients navigating between the two settings may experience greater difficulty in obtaining appropriate treatment due to a lack of informed decision-making. To alleviate this discord, HealthInfoNet connects providers across the care continuum to deliver more effective population health management services to behavioral health care providers so they can best serve their clients.

Top Behavioral Health Care Use Cases & Interventions

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Enhance Care Coordination

Provide Targeted Care Management

Manage Transitions of Care

IDentify Gaps / Overuse of Care

Conduct Medication Reconciliation

Engage & Educate Clients

HealthInfoNet Access Available for Behavioral & Opioid Health Homes at Reduced Cost

The State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services has partnered with HealthInfoNet to offer participating Behavioral Health Home (BHH) and Opioid Health Home (OHH) organizations reduced costs to access and/or share information through the HIE Clinical Portal. 

At Catholic Charities, our care coordinators use HealthInfoNet’s Clinical Portal to look at historical patterns and triggers that have resulted in ED visits. These patterns, coupled with the real-time information available in the portal and the client’s behavioral health background, allow our coordinators to almost predict and prevent incidents of care. We are actually getting ahead of what could happen.

Alyssa Perkins, MPA, LSW, Chief Administrative Officer,
Catholic Charities

How HealthInfoNet Provides Better, Easier, and Safer Solutions to Behavioral Health Care Teams

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