HealthInfoNet Experts Co-Author Article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

HealthInfoNet CEO & Executive Director, Devore S. Culver, and COO Shaun T. Alfreds, are co-authors of “Online Prediction of Health Care Utilization in the Next Six Months Based on Electronic Health Record Information: A Cohort and Validation Study” published in the September 2015 of the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

This study developed an electronic medical record (EMR)-based online risk model predictive of resource utilization for patients in Maine in the next 6 months across all payers, all diseases, and all demographic groups. Results demonstrated the strong correlation between its care resource utilization and our risk scores, supporting the effectiveness of our model. With the online population risk monitoring enterprise dashboards, the effectiveness of the predictive algorithm has been validated by clinicians and caregivers in the State of Maine.