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At HealthInfoNet, our mission is to improve patient care, safety, and coordination. To achieve this objective, it's crucial that patients receiving care in the state understand and trust our services.

What is HealthInfoNet?
What information is in a HealthInfoNet record?
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Continue to learn more about HealthInfoNet and the health information exchange by viewing our informational video (below) and brochure (here).


Not sure if you want a record in the HIE?

If you’d prefer to remove your individual health information from the health information exchange, HealthInfoNet can make that happen. Simply complete an “Opt-Out Form” and mail it back to our team. You can also always give us a call (1-866-592-4352) to have our staff work with you over the phone. Alternatively, ask your provider at your next appointment for an “Opt-Out Form” and they can help you complete and submit the necessary materials.

I do not want my medical information available in the HealthInfoNet system. Complete and submit our Opt-Out Form

I want to include my mental health and/or HIV information in the HealthInfoNet system. Complete and submit our “Mental Health/HIV Opt-In Form”

I previously opted-out of the HealthInfoNet system but want to opt-back in. Complete and submit our “Opt-In Form”

I want to know who has viewed my HealthInfoNet record. Complete and submit our “Record Audit Form”