Devore “Dev” Culver, CEO, Announces Retirement

After 11 years of distinguished leadership, Devore “Dev” Culver is retiring from his position as CEO on October 31, 2017.

“It has been an incredible honor and a wonderful adventure to develop this company from the ground up,” says Culver.

Dev has been with HealthInfoNet since its inception in 2006, building the organization from what he described as “a good idea” to a nonprofit with over 20 employees that is seen as a national leader in the field of Health Information Exchange.

“From the beginning, so many people and organizations across Maine worked tirelessly to make HealthInfoNet the exceptional resource that it has become supporting health care delivery in our State,” continued Culver.

One of Dev’s greatest accomplishments during his tenure was bringing together the large competing healthcare organizations in Maine and uniting them around the idea of a “shared medical record” to support better patient care coordination and improved patient safety.

“At the heart of HealthInfoNet’s success has been developing the standing in Maine to convene and promote collaboration across unaligned organizations to find solutions to statewide care delivery challenges,” Culver reflected.

Today, HealthInfoNet is connected to all hospitals in Maine and over 700 other ambulatory care, behavioral health, and post-acute care locations. HealthInfoNet manages clinical and patient encounter data on 98% of the residents of Maine. Since 2012, HealthInfoNet has been a national pioneer in developing and implementing population and patient analytic tools that combine real-time clinical, encounter, claims and social determinant information to support care management statewide.

After October, Dev will continue to work part time for HealthInfoNet as a Senior Consultant.

“Moving into a consulting role at this time is a great opportunity to both remain engaged in supporting HealthInfoNet’s continued success while gaining more time to spend with family and to reconnect with my passions for photography and the outdoors,” said Culver.

Contact: Allison Kenty, Communications & Marketing Director