HealthInfoNet’s HIE Solutions to the CMS e-Notification CoP Rule

As of May 1, 2021, CMS requires all hospitals, per its Conditions of Participation (“CoP”), to ensure a reasonable effort is made to send electronic notifications (“e-notifications”) to a patient’s treating provider(s) at either the provider’s request or the patient’s direction.

When patients are admitted/registered to, discharged from, or transferred from inpatient or emergency department settings (including observation stays), an alert is expected to be sent from the hospital to primary care providers and groups, post-acute care providers and suppliers, and any other providers requested by the patient.

Specific patient data elements must be contained within the e-notifications, paired with detailed auditing functionality to enable organizations to view which of their staff are notification recipients and when notifications were sent (and if their delivery were successful).

To assist Maine’s healthcare organizations meet CMS’s CoP rule, HealthInfoNet offers its Intelligent e-Notifications as a standard service to participants of the Health Information Exchange (“HIE”). The HIE Intelligent e-Notification service provides real-time alerting of time-sensitive events that make it possible for clinicians to establish the right care plan at the right time.

To learn more about the CMS e-notification CoP rule, and how HealthInfoNet can assist HIE participants in meeting its requirements, please refer to the following materials:

  1. HIE Solutions Overview (Slide Deck) 
  2. HIE Solutions Overview (One-Pager)
  3. Guidance Checklist for Hospitals
  4. Technical Specifications for Hospitals
  5. Template Letter of Attestation for Hospitals
  6. HIE Participant List (Updated 2021-06-01)
  7. HIE Participant Interest One-Pager
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