HealthInfoNet, The Rhode Island Quality Institute, and VITL Announce New England Region Health Information Exchange Collaboration

HealthInfoNet today announced an innovative collaboration with The Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) and VITL (Vermont) aimed at advancing interstate interoperability to improve population health and patient care in and across each of the New England communities we serve.

Bound by a common mission to operate our states’ respective Health Information Exchange (HIE) infrastructures, each of our three non-profit organizations have extensive histories in informing healthcare transformation activities through applications of data and technology that support clinical decision-making and public health planning efforts.

HealthInfoNet, RIQI, and VITL are now entering into a partnership that marks a significant commitment to building a regional interoperable ecosystem designed to improve health and health care experiences across New England. This ecosystem will enhance the positive impact of providing data to enhance patient care, improve the health of populations, and reduce costs for each of the communities our organizations remain committed to serving.

In partnering together, we aim to accomplish three primary objectives: (1) improved interoperability, (2) expanded innovation and deployment of health information services for our communities, and (3) increased operational efficiencies.

“This collaboration comes at a critical moment in healthcare. Coming out of the pandemic, interoperability efforts have shown enormous value. Our three states have innovated and persevered in support of patients and providers. Bringing our unique teams and skills together now will allow us to not only build upon previous successes, but magnify our impact on both public and private health reforms in our states and region,” says Shaun Alfreds, HealthInfoNet’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director.

Read the full press release here.