Your Benefits

HealthInfoNet helps patients receive better, easier, and safer health care.

Better Care

HealthInfoNet gives authorized providers secure access to your comprehensive, statewide medical record, including your prescriptions, test results, and more. That's because if your providers are informed about your medical history, they will be more equipped to make better decisions about your care.

Easier Care

Providers already share patient health records with one another via fax, email, and mail for care purposes. HealthInfoNet makes these sharing methods easier, faster, and more secure. If providers don't need to spend as much time gathering information about your medical history, you won't have to spend as much time waiting for treatment.

Safer Care

Having more of your medical information readily available at the time of care can help reduce medical mistakes and improve patient safety. Among many other use cases, HealthInfoNet reduces the chances that you will receive a drug that you are allergic to or be given a medical test or procedure that you have already been given.

Benefits to you:

  • Better care coordination
  • More accurate and complete records
  • Fewer medical errors
  • Improved patient safety
  • Fewer repeat tests and procedures
  • Less paperwork
  • Reduced healthcare costs

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Your HealthInfoNet information:

As a patient, you have the right and the ability to choose how to participate with HealthInfoNet…

Opt Out

I do not want my medical information available in the HealthInfoNet system

Opt In Mental Health and/or HIV

I want to include my mental health and/or HIV
information in the HealthInfoNet system

Opt Back In

I previously opted-out of the HealthInfoNet system but want to opt-back-in.

Record Audit

I want to know who has viewed my HealthInfoNet record