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Specialty Care

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Without readily available health information at the point of care, patients are more likely to experience dangerous drug interactions, unnecessary or duplicative tests, and post-procedure complications. These experiences are especially true for patients seeking specialty care, a group of individuals greater at risk for adverse outcomes. HealthInfoNet provides effective solutions that enable coordinated specialty care to ensure improved health access and outcomes.

Top Specialty Care Use Cases & Interventions

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Evaluate Referrals & Treatment Plans

Conduct Medication Reconciliation

Increase Coordinated CARE EFFORTS


SUpport Performance MEASUREMENT

We use HealthInfoNet to obtain the necessary data — medications, allergies, ED and outpatient notes, and radiology reports — to help our providers determine the right plan of care for our patients.

Jessica Kilton , NCMA
St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Creating Coordinated Specialty Care

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