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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Our services can assist various types of healthcare provider organizations, community-based organizations, public health agencies, academic institutions, and public/private payers. Our tailored case studies take deeper dives into the usage and function of our services in diverse workflows.

Behavioral Health

Because behavioral health care has historically been separated from general medical services, many EHR systems have evolved without the capacity to integrate the two information sources. Without a shared health record, clients navigating between the two settings may experience greater difficulty in obtaining appropriate treatment due to a lack of informed decision-making. To alleviate this discord, HealthInfoNet connects providers across the care continuum to deliver more effective population health management services to behavioral health care providers so they can best serve their clients.


Long-term care (LTC) patients commonly have complex chronic care needs that result in frequent transitions among their homes, acute, post-acute, and LTC settings. When these transitions of care occur, seamless care coordination and continuity of care practices become even more important for providers to achieve in their patient interactions. Critical to this effort are HealthInfoNet’s trusted and reliable HIE services.


Primary care recognizes that the status of a person’s health is more than just the sum of their clinical encounters. People aren’t just seen as “patients” – they’re family members and friends, neighbors and community advocates, colleagues and caregivers. At HealthInfoNet, we believe that transparency into a person’s comprehensive care is critical to effectively manage and improve their risks and outcomes. Our services help primary care teams empower their patients, build informed care plans, and establish timely communication – all with the hope of helping improve persons’ health, wellness, and wellbeing.


Without readily available health information at the point of care, patients are more likely to experience dangerous drug interactions, unnecessary or duplicative tests, and post-procedure complications. These experiences are especially true for patients seeking specialty care, a group of individuals greater at risk for adverse outcomes. HealthInfoNet provides effective solutions that enable coordinated specialty care to ensure improved health access and outcomes.

Walk-In Care

The benefits to patients seeking treatment at walk-in clinics are well known: convenience, affordability, and comprehensive treatment. Which means attending urgent care providers are faced with pressure to treat those patients quickly, efficiently, and effectively. And that’s a difficult task for providers who have likely never met or treated these patients before. That’s where our services can help. HealthInfoNet gives urgent care providers the necessary tools and data points to help make informed decisions about their patients’ care.

HealthInfoNet makes a big difference on a daily basis in allowing us to be on top of our patients’ care. The HIE Clinical Portal is great in allowing us to look up results/reports quickly without needing to wait for a facility’s medical records department to send them.

McKenzie Parr-Morton, Care Manager, HealthReach Community Health Centers, Bethel Family Health Center

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