Reflecting on Recent Successes & Previewing Future Objectives

LogoThis past year, HealthInfoNet tackled a number of new and exciting projects, programs, and partnerships that continued to demonstrate and expand the value of the statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE). From our integration with the statewide Prescription Monitoring Program, to our connection with the State of Maine Department of Corrections, to our collaboration with cross-sector stakeholders in the pursuit of expanding community information exchange – and everything in between – 2021 was a year of both challenges and successes as well as a preview to what lies ahead in 2022 for continued growth and utility. For more information, please find our 2021 Annual Report online here.

As we recap our 2021 activities, we are also actively preparing our next portfolio of projects, programs, and partnerships. HealthInfoNet recently released an updated 18-month Strategic Plan, effective January 2022 through June 2023. The focus of our latest strategic planning efforts, which began in September 2021, was to modify our core priorities and objectives in alignment with the current healthcare ecosystem. This Strategic Plan sets HealthInfoNet in pursuit of a vision to continue growing as a leader and partner in health information technology in the state of Maine. 

Our Strategic Plan is organized into three priority areas:

  1. Enhance Value Proposition for Providers & Other Key Stakeholders
    Maintain trust and reliability, while increasing value and utility, as an asset among provider participants and other key stakeholders by improving engagement and education activities and seeking collaborative ways to alleviate financial and administrative burden.
  1. Bolster Data Utility for Public & Population Health Stakeholders
    Enhance and expand relationships with public and population health stakeholders by promoting and refining health information services to support relevant, priority, cross-sector use cases.
  1. Maintain & Develop Innovative Health Information Services
    Maintain existing health information services and develop new innovations to meet technological and workflow use cases by constantly applying new perspectives and interoperability standards in alignment with changing federal mandates.

Our Strategic Plan is meant to be a dynamic, evolving, and iterative document that HealthInfoNet staff, Leadership, and Board can update over time and monitor progress of routinely. It is also meant to be public facing. Our accomplishments to date and our future achievements are based on trust and transparency. As we grow, it becomes even more imperative that our stakeholders, partners, and consumers/patients understand our role in their communities. For more information, please find our 18-month Strategic Plan online here.

For questions about our Annual Report or Strategic Plan documents, please contact Chad MacLeod, Director of Product & Communication, via email at