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Company History

HealthInfoNet is dedicated to helping our communities create lasting system-wide improvements in the value of patient care.
Read about our company and meet some of our team members to learn more about how we assist Maine’s healthcare communities.

Our Company History

For two decades, HealthInfoNet has supported Maine’s healthcare communities in creating lasting system-wide improvements in the value and quality of patient care and population health. While there have been many projects, partners, and people over the years that have been key to driving our mission, we’ve developed a timeline that demonstrates some of the critical highlights in our organization’s history. 

  • 2004

    Initiated as a feasibility study known as the Maine Health Information Network Technology project, led by the Maine Health Information Center

  • 2006

    Formally established as "HealthInfoNet," with support from Maine's largest health systems, in the objective of collecting, storing, and sharing real-time clinical data sets

  • 2010

    Designated as the State of Maine's statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) by then Governor Baldacci

  • 2012

    Partnered with HBI Solutions to develop and disseminate real-time predictive risk analytics using the HIE's clinical data set

  • 2013

    Received State Innovation Model (SIM) grant funding to expand the HIE’s behavioral health partnerships

  • 2015

    Established connection to the eHealth Exchange national HIE framework to expand data connections beyond the state of Maine

  • 2016

    Collaborated with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to incorporate social determinants of health data into the HIE's data warehouse and predictive risk analytics

  • 2017

    Developed analytics and reporting solutions for the Office of MaineCare Services and the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention using a combined claims and clinical data set

  • 2018

    Deployed a new terminology service, termAtlas®, to translate local coding received from HIE participants to industry standard vocabularies to allow for real-time terminology management and transformation

  • 2019

    Received funding from the Maine Health Access Foundation to develop recommendations for sharing substance use data in alignment with 42 CFR Part 2 regulations

  • 2020

    Inspired the creation of a health information interoperability company, Cureous Innovations, to share Maine’s successes and lessons learned with other healthcare communities across the country

  • 2021

    Partnered with the Office of Aging and Disability Services to connect all long-term care facilities located in the state to help improve care coordination among older adult residents

  • 2022

    Worked with the Office of MaineCare Services to embed HIE connection and service integration requirements within its Accountable Communities and Primary Care Plus value-based care programs

  • 2023

    Went live with a new service, Clinical Portal InContext, which embeds the HIE’s Clinical Portal electronic health record system within participants’ native electronic health record (EHR) systems