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Data Enhancement

HealthInfoNet is dedicated to helping our communities create lasting system wide improvements in the value of patient care.
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Data enhancement

Once incoming data sources have entered our data warehouse, we continue to enrich the raw inputs by processing them through a series of value-add services that strengthen their accuracy and reliability for wide-ranging downstream use cases.

terminology management

To identify key medical concepts, EHR, laboratory, billing, and other source systems often use local values rather than industry-standard vocabularies. From a data quality perspective this presents a significant problem, as non-standard data can be difficult, if not impossible, to query, retrieve, and display in downstream use cases. 

Local-to-Industry Code Mapping

Cross-references local codes and descriptions specific to source systems to industry-standard values in accordance with ICD, CPT, HCPCS, LOINC, SNOMED, and other steward vocabularies. 

Sensitive Information Blocking

A configurable system designed to flag data that needs to be managed separately to satisfy special data management requirements, such as blocking or sequestering sensitive information.


One of the key reasons why health information exchange systems are so powerful is because of the sophistication and robustness of their patient identity management systems.

The integration of diverse data sources allows our systems to build unique data sets enabling the identification and stratification of populations to better coordinate care across varied settings.

Data Linkage Procedures

Combines clinical data with other critical data sources to unlock new frontiers of data analysis, reporting, and research by creating a resource that enables healthcare providers to be even more confident in their operational workflows and decision-making abilities.

Attribution Procedures

Establishes relationships between individuals and their treating providers, community-based supports, health insurance payer(s), and/or other entities or programs to allow for more actionable care planning across settings.

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“We often have patients that book appointments with us within 24 hours. Having HealthInfoNet helps us obtain real-time information about those patients so that our providers can be prepared and well-versed in advance of their visits.”

June Sapiel
Northern Light Health Cardiology

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