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Data Dissemination

HealthInfoNet is dedicated to helping our communities create lasting system wide improvements in the value of patient care.
Explore our HIE services, including how they are being used across the care continuum and how to get trained on their use and function.

Data dissemination

As data inputs are transformed into optimized outputs, they are packaged and delivered to our participants in consumable and actionable methods designed to help keep them informed of their patients’ healthcare activities and population trends and patterns.


Our electronic health record systems give participants the ability to securely look up and retrieve real-time health record information for their patients in a view-only screen at the point-of-care to improve safety and care coordination activities among patients’ care teams.

Clinical Portal

A web-based platform that provides end users with a robust toolkit to make their workflows more efficient and care coordination activities more seamless. Includes patient lookup, electronic health record, intelligent e-notifications, and community information services.

Custom EHR Integrations

Other HIE electronic health record system integration methods are possible upon participants’ request, including SAML, parameter-based launch (PBL), and other available standards. 


Our notification services provide real-time alerting of time-sensitive events that make it possible for care managers and other providers following an individual’s healthcare activities to intervene early and establish the right care plan for follow-on action.

My Patients

Manual or automated creation of user-specific patient panels for monitoring specific medical events across defined patient populations.

My Subscriptions

Key medical events, including those required by the CMS Conditions of Participation e-notification rule, that users can receive notifications on for their defined patient panels in real-time or in daily-summary reports.

My Compliance Auditing

Detailed compliance audit reports that track to whom and when specific notifications were sent and if their delivery was successful.

analytic & reporting platform

Our team of analysts produce use-case driven analytics and reporting that allow our customers to review both aggregate and detailed information on their attributed populations in order to help:

What Are Our End Users Saying About HealthInfoNet?

“Our entire team uses HealthInfoNet on a daily basis. Their services help us address scheduling challenges, facilitate referral evaluations, and prepare for upcoming consultations and procedures.”

Nancy Austin-Stacey, CMA (AAMA)
St. Joseph Gastroenterology

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