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Current Strategic Focus

HealthInfoNet is dedicated to helping our communities create lasting system wide improvements in the value of patient care.
Check out some of our latest strategic conversations and projects as it relates to our current 18-month Strategic Plan.

Current Strategic Focus

We’re constantly looking for new ways to help our healthcare communities create lasting system-wide improvements in the value and quality of patient care and population health. One way that we are hoping to share more information on the projects, programs, and partnerships that we are spearheading is by highlighting key activities for our stakeholders to review and respond to on a timely basis.

Advanced Care Planning Documentation

The purpose of this effort is to increase awareness on the value of leveraging Maine’s statewide HIE infrastructure to support the collection, storage, and review of patients’ Advanced Care Planning (ACP) information. ACP information comprises the decisions that patients and their caregivers may need to make at the end of life or in the event of an emergency.

Area Agency On Aging Network Participation

The purpose of this effort is to engage Maine’s Area Agency on Aging (AAA) organizations and to incentivize their participation in the statewide HIE network as a means of enhancing their healthcare partnerships and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their cross-sector services.


The purpose of this effort is to continue to expand the national connections established through HealthInfoNet’s integration with the eHealth Exchange network by prioritizing additional eHealth-participating healthcare providers to incrementally onboard in alignment with statewide interests. 

Social Health Data Collection, Exchange, & Operationalization

The purpose of this effort is to leverage the statewide HIE as a mechanism to assist in the collection, exchange, and operationalization among HIE participants of social health information – the individual-level health risks, conditions, and outcomes influenced and impacted by the social, economic, and political circumstances of the communities in which we live. 

Join Our Convening Series

HealthInfoNet’s Social Health Data Action Plan convening series is designed to capture the ways in which healthcare providers across the state are collecting, exchanging, and using social health data (with specific focus on food security, housing stability and quality, and transportation access risk domains) as well as expanded demographic information (including sexual orientation and gender identity information (SOGI)).

The goal of this convening series is to provide a statewide forum where key stakeholders from Maine’s health systems and federally qualified health centers can share knowledge, best practices, lessons learned, and emerging strategies and next steps for collecting, exchanging, and leveraging complex information within clinical workflows with attendees.

Convening Schedule




Target Audience


January 18, 2023

Kickoff: Overview of HealthInfoNet’s Social Health Data Action Plan

Provide an overview of HealthInfoNet’s prior, current, and future social health and SOGI data efforts; provide definitions of key terms and share scope of Deep Dive #1-3 sessions.

General Interest, All Defined Audiences for Deep Dives #1-3


February 1, 2023

Deep Dive #1: Social Health Data Collection Methods

Discuss how HealthInfoNet’s participants are collecting social health and/or SOGI data elements within internal clinical workflows.

Patient Registration/Intake, Technical Data Entry, Clinical Quality Improvement


February 15, 2023

Deep Dive #2: Social Health Data Storage Mechanisms

Discuss how HealthInfoNet’s participants are storing social health and/or SOGI data elements within internal clinical systems.

Integration Support, IT Support, Data Coordination, Referral Specialist


March 1, 2023

Deep Dive #3: Social Health Data Use Cases & Actions

Discuss how HealthInfoNet’s participants are sharing and using social health and/or SOGI data elements with internal and external stakeholders for patient care and/or population health use cases.

Clinical Quality Improvement, Partnering CBOs, Advocacy Groups, Trade Networks


March 29, 2023

Closing: Next Steps for HealthInfoNet’s Social Health Data Action Plan

Recap Deep Dive #1-3 sessions with findings/themes that emerged from the sessions; provide clear short-term and long-term recommendations on business/technical next steps to continue building HealthInfoNet’s “Social Health Data Action Plan.”

General Interest, All Defined Audiences for Deep Dives #1-3

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This convening series is possible in part from funding received from the Maine Health Access Foundation.


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Like our 18-month Strategic Plan, this webpage is meant to be a dynamic, evolving, and iterative lens into the various strategic conversations being had by HealthInfoNet in support of Maine’s healthcare community as a way of engendering trust and transparency in our processes. Likewise, it’s a chance for stakeholders to tell us what future projects, programs, and partnerships may be of interest for us to explore. Use the form below to share your ideas for our team to review!

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Our Strategic Plan

Our updated 18-month Strategic Plan, effective January 2022 through June 2023, focuses on a set of new priorities and objectives in alignment with the current healthcare ecosystem and sets us in pursuit of a vision to continue growing as a leader and partner in health information technology in the state of Maine. Our accomplishments to date and our future achievements are based on trust and transparency. As we grow, it becomes even more imperative that our stakeholders, partners, and consumers/patients understand our role in their communities.

Our Annual Report

This past year, we tackled a number of new and exciting projects, programs, and partnerships that continued to demonstrate and expand the value of the statewide Health Information Exchange. From our integration with the statewide Prescription Monitoring Program to our collaboration with cross-sector stakeholders in pursuit of expanding community information exchange – and everything in between – 2021 was a year of both challenges and successes as well as a preview to what lies ahead in 2022 for continued growth.