HealthInfoNet Goes Live with Clinical Portal InContext Service

In an effort to increase the interoperability of our HIE services to ensure our participant end users are able to access critical information on their patients when they need it most, HealthInfoNet recently went live with our new Clinical Portal InContext service. The service enables participant end users to view their patients’ statewide HIE records through a seamless, embedded experience within their organizations’ electronic health record (EHR) systems. The service most recently went live across Northern Light Health locations as part of an integration within their Cerner EHR platform.

The Clinical Portal InContext service leverages Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard to put the statewide HIE’s electronic health record system directly within participant end users’ established workflows. For those end users that meet the necessary authentication requirements, once they have retrieved a patient’s health record from within their EHR system they can choose to instantaneously launch a session that puts a limited version of the traditional web-based Clinical Portal experience within their EHR workscreen as an iframe embedded view.

Because of this embedded workflow configuration, only the selected patient’s HIE record is made available within the Clinical Portal InContext session; end users are not able to navigate away from the selected patient’s HIE record to access other functions available in the standard Clinical Portal service (e.g., logout button, global/portal menu items, account settings, notification services, etc.).

For more information on our Clinical Portal InContext service, visit our online user guide here.

If your organization is interested in learning whether it may be able to implement our Clinical Portal InContext service, please contact our Client Engagement team at to schedule an exploratory technical feasibility discussion.