Participant End Users Provide Insightful Feedback to Inform Future Efforts

This fall, our Client Engagement and Clinical Education teams have been hard at work reviewing and distilling more than 400 responses received from participant end users as part of our recent Service Utilization & Workflow Survey. The purpose of this survey was to gain an updated understanding of how our participants’ end users are leveraging our health information services within their internal workflows as well as to surface areas for improvement in future service growth efforts.

In our new Service Utilization & Workflow Survey Report (2022), our team has compiled and analyzed the survey’s responses and presented the information into three main categories: (1) Aggregated Findings, (2) Identified Themes, and (3) Defined Actions. Click here to view the full report.

As a preview, the following actions were identified as important next steps to pursue by our teams as a result of the feedback received from end users in the survey:

  • Participation Network: Continue to expand both in-state (e.g., providers participating in MaineCare’s value-based care programs, Area Agency on Aging organizations, etc.) and out-of-state (e.g., via the eHealth Exchange national data warehouse) HIE participation.
  • Data Capture: Improve the quality (e.g., perform routine data validation exercises, encourage use of analytics and reporting functions, etc.) and quantity (e.g., establish new interface connections, collect Advanced Care Planning documentation, etc.) of existing HIE participants’ data sources.
  • Service Enhancements: Enhance the design (e.g., seek out participant end users’ service feedback, develop service development roadmaps, etc.) and integration capabilities (e.g., work with participants to install Single-Sign-On versions of our services, improve the delegate workflow of the Prescription Monitoring Program integration, etc.) of key service features and functionality.
  • Support Functions: Bolster participant engagement (e.g., ensure participants know of proper support functions, establish relationships with industry and cross-sector networks, etc.) and education (e.g., share more information on the technical and legal nuances of HIE participation, increase the frequency of education/training information communication, etc.) activities.

The Service Utilization & Workflow Survey was a great success, and our teams have learned lots from it as we’ve had a chance to dig into its details. Stay tuned in future newsletters for status updates on the actions defined as a result of this process, as well as for future survey opportunities. To learn more about the survey and our next steps, please contact our Client Engagement team at